Boomerang rains return this time on northeast winds

Mini-mini-nor'easter developing with coastal rains

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JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – The cold front that brought us those big Wednesday rains has stalled out just south of Jacksonville. Today Jacksonville dried out and saw sunshine along with not-so-hot afternoon highs. Today's high was just  87°. Nice!

But just like that the rains are heading back northward and have been impacting our southern counties.  Gainesville to Palatka to St. Augustine have seen the rains return. This afternoon parts of both St. Johns and Clay counties saw up to 2" of rain.

The biggest issue with old dying cold fronts is that they tend to go dormant for hours and then they erupt with storms, often times at unusual times of the day. Not just the typical afternoon and evenon storms (which do occur) but rains can develop into the overnight and even the morning hours.

That is happpen overnight Thursday.

Coastal areas will see overnight downpours. These should be non-flooding but they will also be rather wet when they are moving onshore. 

Areas that will be most impact will be Duval, St. Johns and Flagler counties.

These rains will be during the overnight and early mornig hours.

Additional trouble for Duval County? This front will boomerang back north on Friday and Saturday which means, the threat of intense afternoon storms those rains return quickly. Some models now indicate we will see PM storms throughout the weekend. 

Yep, we could see another 2-4" of rain across the area (biggest amounts south of Jacksonville, conversely least amounts in Georgia) with biggest chances Friday-Saturday.

Next week the atmosphere settles down and heats up as afternoon highs again reach out to the mid 90s and feel-like temperatures peak above 100°.


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