While Jacksonville watches Dorian we will also deal with the heat

Heat index values reach above 100° with few PM storms

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Here comes the heat, again. Another sweltering afternoon for Jacksonville. Unlike yesterday, only a handful of afternoon and evening storms are expected. 

Keep a watchful eye on the progress of Dorian as the next 2 days are rather important to Dorian's final destination.

This Wednesday morning will start with hazy sunny skies and steamy conditions. Sunrise temperatures will start around 75° (not unusual) but the tropical moisture in the atmosphere will make it feel much warmer. Before 10 a.m. the feel-like temperatures will be back in the low 90s. Sunny skies will push the afternoon heat up another notch, expect a high of around 94° and a peak feel-like temperature around 103° about 3 p.m.

Only scattered to isolated thunderstorms are expected. The best chances of storms will be between 4pm and 9pm.

Game day Thursday will be the driest afternoon (and evening) we will likely see until later next week. Near perfect (for a summer evening) as temperatures will be in the 80s and only a slight chance of a passing thundershower. During the day, super sunny skies will be tempered by a cooler atmosphere, afternoon highs will only be around 90.

Friday, our winds shift onshore and the deep tropical moisture will come rushing back in and with it much higher chances of coastal downpours. Afternoon highs will be in the 80s as gradually building northeast winds push coastal rains onshore.

Saturday will see morning downpours, followed by some sunshine and drier afternoon conditions. Winds will still be blowing onshore and the mini-nor'easter conditions will cause coastal (beaches) see some beach erosion and building surf throughout the day.

The FSU / Boise State football game will likely see a passing brief showers / downpour, but they should be brief. It will be warm and sticky, temperatures will be in the 80s during the day and in the upper 70s during the evening. Game time is 7 pm at TIAA Bank Field.

Then there is Sunday and Labor Day, everything is dependent on the final track and strength. Recent forecast models are diverging from each other rather dramatically. For now, we should anticipate Dorian closest appraoch and greatest impact will be during those two days.

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