A double shot of fall weather is in the forecast by the end of this week, next week

Jacksonville's weather forecast turns cool & crisp late this week


JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Our temperatures warmed back up over the weekend under sunny skies, if you are missing the cooler temperatures we've got good news. By the end of this week another 48 hours of fall weather is headed our way.

A cold front will push through the southeast on Wednesday, bringing our best chance for much needed rain. 

Cooler air behind the front rushes into Northeastern Florida and Southeastern Georgia, sinking our temperatures down into the upper 50s and low 60s early Thursday morning.

It might be time to at least locate that box of jackets, you may need a light jacket (or at least sleeves) Thursday and Friday morning as inland areas will wake up in the mid to upper 50s and coastal counties will be in the upper 50s and low 60s. 

On Thursday, we wake up in the cool upper 50s and low 60 to clear skies. Expect sunshine and cool temperatures all day long, only warming up into the upper 70s for a daytime high. The humidity will nosedive down into the low range, making for epic hair days and a crisp feeling in the air. 

Thursday night turns cool, with temperatures dropping quickly down through the 60s. Friday morning starts out in the cool upper 50s and low 60s.

Friday will be mostly sunny and cool, with temperatures only warming into the upper 70s for a daytime high. 

Clouds roll in and so do warmer temperatures over the weekend. Saturday and Sunday look more seasonal, starting out in the upper 60s and low 70s and warming into the low 80s for the afternoon. 

A stronger, cooler cold front is in the long term forecast for the following week. Factors can certainly change between now and then, but we expect another round of rain ahead of a cold front and about 48-72 hours of cool, borderline chilly weather behind the front.

In summary- it's not yet time for boots, ladies. But you can rock cute, lighter sweaters without fear of profuse sweat. Also, I know it is tempting, but lay off the outdoor fires, we've been too dry lately and our fire danger is creeping up. 

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