Temperatures take turn tonight in a strange way

Warm-up comes after dark

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Temperatures fell off very quickly after dark Tuesday night, plummeting all the way down to 39° in Jacksonville. But tonight, we get the opposite, a slow rise.

Rising temperatures are not what you would normally expect to see at night, but the combination of increasing clouds and onshore breeze will work in tandem to minimize a second cold night in the 30s.

While it will be chilly enough, many areas will have temperatures flatlining through midnight in the mid-50s followed by a slight bump up in temps before sunrise Thursday. 

A large is spread for overnight lows but overall milder.

The mild warm-up keeps going through Thursday when low pressure over the eastern Gulf moves toward the forecast area, pushing a swath of warm air up the peninsula. 

While temps warm to near 70°, it comes with increasing rain potential throughout the day and especially overnight into Friday morning.

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