Surf forecast post Thanksgiving

Hope for a Groundswell Sunday but pretty flat next week.

Surf forecast post Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving offered up some beautiful sunny weather and light winds but the surf is nearly flat.

The storm moving away from New England is in our swell window sending a days worth of NE fetch pointed at us Friday. This swell travels south arriving Sunday in NE Florida which will be the best day for waves.

Winds from northwest Atlantic storm.

Friday flat to 1′ with light NE winds 5-10 mph.

Some change comes Saturday with developing windswell building waves to 1-2′.

Better waves come Sunday 2-3 feet surf with a 14 sec NE swell. Wind will turn breezy out of the SW 15 keeping it clean.

Sunday is the biggest day with offshore winds ad 2-3' swell.

Monday 1-2′ surf drops quick to nearly flat by the end of the afternoon with W winds 15.

The week remains under 1′ surf until Friday with the hope of a tighter easterly flow behind Friday’s cold front providing waist high weekend windswell December 7-8.

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