Winter weekend weather always a little off

Jacksonville’s weather forecast includes a warm-up early next week

Winter weekends can be very fickle and conditions can be subtly not quite right.

For instance, you get a lot of sunshine, but there is a chilly breeze, or you end up with nice warm temperatures, but it’s super cloudy with showers. There seems to always be something off. That will be the case this weekend.

Saturday will start off nice and sunny, with chilly temperatures around 50° as the sun comes up (7:08 A.M.).

Then, just as temperatures are warming nicely into the lunch hour, boom, a chilly northeasterly wind builds. Subtly and gradually, temperatures fail to really warm up, especially if you are standing in the shade. Instead, they level off at just the wrong temperature. Too cool to go without a jacket, too warm to take it off.

This will be the case for many of us on Saturday.

Sunrise temperatures will begin our day around 50° and jump nicely to around 65° before the lunch hour. Then, a backdoor cold front (or surge of chilly Coastal winds) will push onshore from the Atlantic Ocean and the next thing you know, it is actually chilly. Then the sun goes down, and now you are feeling it chill quickly but still dressed for the sunnier skies you saw earlier in the day. Saturday will be all of that. Afternoon winds will build up to reach 20-25 mph at the beach, around 15 mph inland. There may even be a few clouds pushed onshore with these clouds.

Saturday evening, temperatures will chill quickly, back into the 50s. This will happen before 7 P.M.

By Game Day Sunday, clouds will push back across the area. Without sunshine, the afternoon temperatures will once again, remain flat and chill into the evening hours.

Sunday’s sunrise temperatures will be around 55° (not so cool) and yet, daytime highs for the game will just reach 70°. Why? Too many clouds to allow us to warm up.

Rain chances are also there as on shore (Easterly) winds will have some moisture. Not a washout for the game, but the threat of a shower will be there. Best chance (35%), unfortunately, will be during the game.

Love those 80s? You will have to wait until Tuesday.

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