It doesn’t get any hotter than 2019 in Jacksonville

Warmest year on record brings heatwaves and dozens of record highs

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Twenty-four record highs without a single cold record in 2019 made 2019 the warmest year on record for Jacksonville with an average temperature of 71.3, based on NOAA temperatures.

This breaks the previous record of 71 set in 1990 at the National Weather Service’s official recording station at Jacksonville International Airport.

The planet is getting hotter and we are feeling the heat in Jacksonville, with longer-lasting heat waves throughout the year.

The heat came in quick in 2019. Jacksonville had its hottest New Year’s Day on record at 83 and by the following month five records went down, all with 80s in February.

The warm winter could have been an omen for the heatwaves to come.

Eleven days in a row broiled May at 95° or higher. This was Jacksonville’s sixth-longest historical run of consecutive days over 94 degrees culminating in the year’s hottest day, 100°, on May 27.

The year’s second hottest day, 99°, came two days before the Fourth of July.

September brought another blistering heatwave with five records each at 94° or higher. Fall provided little relief with three more records to finish the year.

Remember the 91° Halloween meltdown? Shortly after that came the latest date in the year for Jacksonville to hit 95° -- Nov.r 11.

Before the year finished one last record was set with mid-80 degree warmth on Dec. 10.

The final score for the year: no record lows and 24 record highs.

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