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Record-challenging warmth this week, showers cool us down Thursday & Friday

Jacksonville’s weather forecast is unusually warm through the mid week

Tonight's forecast
Tonight's forecast (WJXT)

We warmed up nicely today - topping out mostly in the upper 70s. Today turns cool with temperatures sinking slowly, thanks to high clouds, down into the low 60s. We will see the skies clearing out before sunrise, which could prompt patchy inland fog. The elements of the atmosphere also make us prone to sea fog, possibly affecting our coastal areas.

Tuesday starts out with the possibility of short-lived fog, lifting quickly due to warming temperatures. We climb from the low 60s into the low 80s for the afternoon hours. Expect winds out of the south between 5-10 mph.

Wednesday starts out with the possibility of fog with morning temperatures in the low 60s. Any fog that exists lifts quickly thanks to rapidly rising temperatures. We will top out in the record-challenging low 80s.

Thursday starts out partly cloudy and fog-prone in the low 60s. Expect increasing temperatures and increasing clouds. We will spend the afternoon in the low 80s with showers creeping into our forecast, especially to the north of I-10. Expect 50% chances to see the rain.

Friday expect a widespread chance for showers, with 60% chances to see the rain. Expect to wake up in the low 50s and only warm up into the chilly mid 60s.

The weekend starts out in the chilly mid 40s and only warms into the mid 60s on Saturday under partly cloudy skies. Sunday looks perfect, waking up in the cool low 50s and warming up into the mid 70s under partly cloudy skies.

7-Day Forecast (WJXT)