Wind will challenge even the best Gate River Runners

This years 15K run will be a cold one


JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Get ready for a windy cold morning for this year's Gate River Run.

The race for 15 kilometers will start with wind chills near 40 degrees and 20,000 runners will be challenged by 15-20 mph cold northerly winds Saturday morning.

The largest 15K race in the country has had its cold and warm spells but this year’s chilly conditions will be in favor of women runners.

For those who like temperatures in the 40s, the run will be for you with sunny skies and humidity only in the teens.

Eight out of 12 females achieved fastest times during below average temperatures.

Just be prepared for a stiff headwind in your face running up the Green Monster. Sorry in advance for the lack of tailwinds to help you up the bridge with those cold NNE winds.

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