How to eliminate yard pests as weather heats up

Limited use of pesticides goes a long way

The weather is warming up around Florida and it’s time to start thinking about the pesky lawn battle ahead.

Destructive lawn pests that munch, chew and feast on your turf will begin emerging through spring.

Procter ACE Hardware has products to combat all those flying and chewing insects that are beginning to spring up during the warmer months.

Chinch Bugs are one insect that targets our southern lawns. The reddish-orange bugs have a white band across the back. They darken in color, turning black once they become adults. Adults have shiny white wings that fold neatly over the body. They grow to 1/8-1/5 inch long.

Damage: Grass in sunny sections of the lawn wilts, turns brown and dies. Once wilting begins, adjacent areas become affected rapidly, often in a day or so. Infestations can be spotty and sometimes are found only in portions of the lawn that dry out fastest. Left untreated, these patches will grow and the entire lawn can be lost. Damage typically occurs from spring to fall. Insects hide in the thatch layer or individual grass crowns.

Diagnose: Try this method if you do not see Chinch Bugs but suspect they are causing damage. Remove both ends of a coffee container. Insert the bottom edge into soil about 3 inches. Fill the container with water for five minutes. If Chinch bugs are present, they’ll float to the top of the water. Test near the edges of the damaged lawn section.

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