Storms leave some damage and now comes the chilldown

Wednesday morning will be totally different with chilly sunrise temperatures

Wait, what are those 50s doing there?
Wait, what are those 50s doing there?

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – If you saw some damage and took a picture or two, or maybe you took a few pictures of the storms advancing through your neighborhood, don’t forget to post them on StormPins via the Weather Authority App. We also have a couple of articles on Tuesday’s severe weather on the News4Jax app, check out the damage photos there as well.

Yes, a chilldown is in the offing, as we wake-up Wednesday morning, you are waking up to... April type weather! Sunny with cool mornings and mild afternoons, you know, April weather. If you aren’t sure what that is? Tomorrow morning will see sunrise temperatures in the 50s, even at the beach!

Also remember it’s April 1st, yes, Aprils Fools’ Day.

The biggest part of that is, it was basically what we experienced throughout the month of March. As mother nature has played a fools’ joke on us with record heat, including the all-time record high for the month and the final 5 days recording daily all-time highs.

Very extreme weather indeed.

Anyhow, enjoy the next 3 days as beautiful April weather returns. Thursday through Saturday will remain beautiful, with cool mornings in the 50s and super sunny afternoon highs in the 70s.

Heat builds back next week.

A chilldown that lasts, for a while.
A chilldown that lasts, for a while.

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