Record heat Thursday then a big drop Friday

Jacksonville’s weather forecast dries out briefly this weekend

A few PM Storms on Thursday too!
A few PM Storms on Thursday too!

Low clouds and some fog as we get going on Thursday. The sun will break free of the early cloudiness and allow for our temperatures to race on up into the low 90s. Again, there will be a few isolated thundershowers into the evening hours.

Then a cold front gives us a reality check with a much colder Friday.

Friday will be an upside-down day with warmer temperatures in the early morning hours and slowly falling temperatures all day long. By 5pm some parts of the area will be in the 50s !!!

Whaa?? Most of us ill be about 25 degrees colder than Thursday afternoons high of 90.

There will be some chilly showers on Friday as well. What a switch!

Saturday looks awesome. Saturday will be one of the cooler days of the weekend we see this month. We wake up in the chilly low 50s and warm up into the mild mid to upper 70s under partly cloudy skies.

Sunday will be warm and wet, topping out in the upper 80s with 50% chances for showers expected.

The rain chances carry over into Monday, and start to dry out Tuesday. It’s nice to see good chances for rain in the forecast, it helps with the pollen and helps lower our Spring fire danger.

Each day will be uniquely different
Each day will be uniquely different

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