Get ready for the Earth Day meteor shower

When to see the Lyrid meteor shower at its peak

Look northeast after midnight
Look northeast after midnight

Watching for shooting stars could provide entertainment while people stay safe at home this week.

The Lyrid meteor shower reaches its peak early in the morning, fittingly, on Earth Day, April 22.

There haven’t been any meteor showers in the last three-months and the new moon will keep the skies dark for all eyes to see.

Expect about 15 to 20 meteors per hour on Tuesday night into the early hours of Wednesday morning, with possibly up to 90 meteors per hour if you are lucky to see the shower spike.

Shooting stars will be visible throughout the week but inland fog could obscure views Tuesday morning inland, otherwise each morning appears mostly clear except for cloudy conditions Friday morning.

Inland fog may obscure views Tuesday morning.
Inland fog may obscure views Tuesday morning. (.)

Many meteors can be expected around the peak so don’t be surprised to see a few streaks in the sky from April 20 until April 23.

Some suggestions to make the most for spotting Lyridinds.

Look to the radiant point which is the part of the sky where the meteors originate. For this shower it will be in the northeastern sky. Allow time for your eyes to adjust to the darkness and best viewing is often a few hours before sunrise.

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