When will we finally get some rain?

Mostly sunny skies are lovely, but our lawns are awfully dry

Tuesday night into Wednesday morning we may see much needed rain
Tuesday night into Wednesday morning we may see much needed rain

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – We are in a dry, warm, and sunny weather pattern, some areas have not seen rain for weeks. Our fire danger is elevated as a result and lawns are requiring more and more water to keep from getting crispy.

Even the threat of a preseason Tropical Storm off of our coastline isn’t helping with rain chances.

Over the next 24-36 hours the messy, wet tropical rain blanketing South Florida will move Northeast, along with the developing low pressure, towards and then north and east of the Bahamas. That drags all of the moisture and associated rain away from us, leaving us sunny, breezy, warm and dry for the weekend.

Another (unrelated) low pressure system will make its way across the US hundreds of miles to the north of our area, and stall out north of the Carolinas. That will bring inches of rain to the east coast, but only a small threat of showers to our area, we will be too far south for the beneficial and much needed rain.

The tail end of the rain does bring us our only, and somewhat isolated chance for rain, Tuesday night into Wednesday morning. It’s only a 30-40% chance for showers, but it’s the only rain chance, at all, in the forecast-able future.

For now, run your sprinklers and bust our your best rain dance...

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