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Drying out but keep the umbrella nearby

Jacksonville’s weather dries out only temporarily as weekend rains return to the forecast

Some morning low clouds and fog
Some morning low clouds and fog

All of these phrases have played out over recent days “early and often”, “driving downpours”, “flooding rains” and, of course, “umbrella days”. Well, all of those conditions are going to make a subtle shift to the west of Jacksonville, leaving Jacksonville a tad drier.

And it will only be temporary.

It now appears that the moisture will swing back towards I-95 and the coast for this weekend. Yes, numerous storms may yet again impact the Jacksonville are over a weekend.

First, lets enjoy slightly drier conditions Wednesday and Thursday.

Starting off each morning with sunrise low clouds and some patchy dense inland fog. Sunrise temperatures will start off steamy as wake-up feel-like temps will be in the mid-upper 70s.

As the sun beats down, yes, it will be rather sunny both days, temperatures will jump to highs in the low 90s. Feel-like temperatures will reach into the mid 90s, whew!

Will there be showers and storms? Yes, but they should be scattered and not as concentrated as we have seen recently.


Hopes were high for a drier weekend, but as seen below, deep tropical moisture will once again swing back east towards Jacksonville and the beaches.

This means there will be high probabilities for storms and the storms will once again dump potentially heavy rains across the region. Expect another 1-2″ of rain across many locations.

Extra clouds will keep afternoon highs only in the 80s, I call that the “silver lining” to those afternoon storms.

Tropics: Tropical Depression Cristobal continues to spread rainfall across Arkansas and Missouri as it heads north. We are watching another system east of Bermuda with limited chances for development, 10 percent over the next two days and 10 percent in the next 5 days.

A fading ribbon of tropical moisture will be just enough for more weekend storms
Rains dry out (a little)