Early morning low clouds and fog will set-up more evening storms

Jacksonville’s weather forecast will be drying out after the weekend

Low Clouds/Fog
Low Clouds/Fog

Thursday will be yet another super tropical and humid day. From the morning sunrise onward, with low clouds and some dense fog being a big part of the ingredients that will again allow for more afternoon and evening storms.

Different than Wednesday, where evening storms were primarily just west of the St. Johns River and along US301. Thursday will see the sea breeze will be pinned closer to the beaches, which means thunderstorms that do develop will do so along I-95.

This also implies, the beaches will have a higher chances of storms and the storms will be rolling well into the evening hours.

Friday looks similar, with the same humidity, heat, and similar afternoon storms.

Saturday will be mostly cloudy with a few more afternoon storms. Expect to top out in the mid 80s before widespread chances to see the rain.

Beach day Sunday? Could be!

Rains will shift inland as easterly winds will bring slightly drier air, with temperatures hitting the mid 80s under partly cloudy skies and 40% chances to see the storms.

3 more afternoons with downpours

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