Will we really see a pause in the rain?

Fewer storms and the heat catches back up with us

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Drier air is taking over shrinking the opportunity for heavy rain or frequent showers. Areas north of I-10 didn’t see much of any rain Sunday and the lack of rain spreads southward keeping places mostly dry tonight.

Beaches will be the one area where a few isolated showers may develop but winds turn northerly confining most offshore.

Look for low clouds and patches of light fog late tonight inland. Breezy winds along the coast will lighten tonight. We will be treated to below normal lows in the mid to upper 60s north and central zones and upper 60s to around 70 from downtown to the coast.

Monday reaches the mid 80s with only a 20% chance for showers. The drier pattern lingers through the week.

The next couple days get a break from 90-degree heat. Enjoy it because those suppressed temperatures give way to 90 heat by Thursday. Once we get back into the 90s, it appears we stay that way through the end of the month!

Black Creek crested Sunday morning at 18’ and dropped below 16’ flood stage Sunday afternoon. Dry weather will favor the waters egress to 8 feet by Tuesday.

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