Hot & muggy evening, heat wave stretches into the weekend

Jacksonville' s weather forecast looks hot & hazy for Friday

Warm & muggy

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Today was hot and hazy, topping out in the mid to low 90s. This evening will be warm and muggy with a few scattered showers in Southeastern Georgia. We have a chance for a brief shower in Northeastern Florida around 9p.m.

Friday starts out in the mid 70s and warms up under hazy skies into the mid 90s, feeling more like the low triple digits. We only have a 20% chance for an isolated shower during the afternoon hours.

The weekend looks even hotter on Saturday, topping out at 97°. Expect hazy skies and only a 20% chance for showers.

Sunday warms up to 95° with a 20% chance for showers.

Monday will be the last day of our dry spell, with 30% chances for showers and highs in the mid 90s.

Tuesday kicks off a much wetter weather pattern that stretches through Thursday at the least.

Weekend heat wave