Don’t expect a stormy repeat Sunday

Less rain but still hot and hazy

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The active storms earlier have settled down and we dry out overnight with mostly clouds sticky conditions. Severe storms pushed offshore and won’t return the next couple days.

After the thunderstorms cool us down temps ease into the mid 80s tonight then upper 70s early Sunday.

Less rain is expected tomorrow and some of us may not see any rain. Drier air will suppress rain into Monday. Only a 20% chance of rain is possible south of I-10 Sunday between 4-7 pm with partly cloudy skies and above normal heat near 95. The heat index will again top out near 105 in the afternoon.

Monday will have another above average hot day. At least the blue skies return as the African dust goes away. Drier conditions remain and it’s unlikely we will see any rain. That changes Tuesday as stormy days last the remainder of the work week.

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