Exact Track 4D had a busy afternoon but not so much this evening

Jacksonville had a "one and done" type of day of thundershowers

Sunrise Forecast
Sunrise Forecast

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Our evening thundershowers rolled through quickly so we didn’t have the slow moving deluge that was seen in Mandarin on Tuesday evening. Rainfall amounts there were excessive, nearly 5″ in just 2 hours. Glug, glug, glug.

Overnight, only a handful of showers are expected and skies will slowly clear towards sunrise. Temperatures will hold in the 70s and winds will be very light out of the south or southwest under 5 mph.

Waking up Thursday, check to see for any changes in the forecast for Potential Tropical Cyclone #9 (may become ISAIAS later Thursday), global models are desperately trying to develop a center and the ones that do, develop a potentially stronger storm and this would most likely cause it to track just east of Florida. Yet, this system has no core and without one it cannot develop. Here’s more on the system.

Thursday will see partly cloudy skies, very warm highs in the low 90s. Steamy, as heat indices will be around 100°. Thunderstorms will be back, starting just after 2pm and lasting until after 6pm. These will be not as widespread as we have seen the past few evening. Rainfall will be most concentrated along I-95 and amounts may exceed 1″ but not much more than that as Thursday’s storms will be moving right along, not allowing for extreme rainfall amounts.

Friday and Saturday will be two slightly drier and slightly hotter days.

Sunny skies will allow for daytime temperatures to jump to a high of around 95° Maximum feel-like temperatures will range from 103-106° mainly just before a handful of afternoon and evening thunderstorms develop. Just a handful of storms. Mostly will be hot and sunny days.

Then whatever happens with the developing Potential Tropical Cyclone #9 it will be in our area (Northeast Florida/Southeast Georgia) Sunday / Monday and maybe Tuesday. Daytime temperatures will be mainly in the 80s, with onshore northeasterly to easterly winds. How strong will they be? How much rain will we see? Looks like Friday will be a critical day in terms of just what we should see here locally.

Stay alert, nothing is off the table in terms of local impacts.

7-Day Forecast
7-Day Forecast

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