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One more nice day as clouds then rain return

Jacksonville’s weekend may get jammed by rains returning late in the day Saturday

Clouds and sun, yet, it's Friday!
Clouds and sun, yet, it's Friday!

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Our second taste of fall in two weeks has all but wrapped up, now clouds will join the pleasantly cool temperatures. Friday will be a perfect hazy sunny day as we will see the sun, with a veil of clouds. These clouds won’t bring rain, well at least not today. Sunrise temperatures will be around 60° and then see afternoon highs reach towards 80°. True warmth maybe hard to get as, again, those clouds will keep temperatures from zooming higher.

Still, it will be a “10” on the Gaughan Gauge.

Then the clouds will start to become more numerous, thicker, and that will blot the sun from our skies on Saturday. Winds will begin to shift more onshore, build a little and at some point later in the day Saturday, showers will begin to move up the coast. Saturday’s highs will be only be in the high 70s.

Nor’easter come in various shapes, sizes and impacts. The main components of a nor’easter are winds, waves, tides, rains and flooding.

The up coming nor’easter will be mostly about beach rains, some of which may cause some flooding. Inland conditions will have pleasant conditions that might include a shower or two, but generally dry, with some cooler temperatures and northeasterly winds up to 15 mph. Winds will be stronger along beaches, but nothing like what we saw two weekends ago when winds exceeded 40 mph!

Sunday will have a 70% chance of showers, with the highest chances and highest expected rainfall amounts along area beaches. Beaches could see up to 2″ of rain by the end of the day on Sunday. Sunday’s temperatures will be in the 70s. Winds will be Easterly up to 20 mph along area beaches.

Next week, we will be back into the tropical moisture, higher humidities, temperatures and a few passing showers each day.

Tropics will have already fired off Gamma, and possibly Delta by mid-week next week.

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