Record challenging warmth before a weekend cool down

Warm and partly cloudy

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Today will be warm and partly cloudy, expect a few showers closer to I-75 during the afternoon hours, but otherwise dry conditions. We will warm up to around 86° this afternoon, which will not break our record for today of 89° from 2010. Expect northeasterly winds between 10-15 mph.

Tonight will be mild, with temperatures sinking down into the mid 70s.

Thursday will be HOT, with record-challenging highs around 90°. Expect windy conditions, out of the southwest between 15-20 mph and gusts between 25-30 mph. We may see a few showers as a result of Zeta passing well to the north of us and dragging a line of moisture across our area.

A cold front pushes through Thursday night, turning us chilly Friday morning. Expect to wake up in the upper 50s and only warm up into the mid 70s under sunny skies. Expect breezes out of the northwest between 10-15 mph.

We wake up around 60° on Halloween and warm up into the mild mid 70s under partly cloudy skies. There is an isolated chance for a shower and winds will be out of the northeast between 10-15 mph. Enjoy the full moon!

Sunday we get an extra hour of sleep because of the time change. We start out in the low 60s and warm up to around 80°.

Chilly temperatures are back next week, starting out around 54 and only warming up into the cool upper 60s on Monday. Tuesday starts out in the upper 40s and only makes it up to 72°

Record challenging warmth before a weekend cool down