Cool & clear tonight, showers ahead of a big cool down by Christmas

Freeze conditions likely Christmas Day

Chilly & clear
Chilly & clear

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Today was beautiful, cool, and sunny. Expect temperatures to turn chilly tonight, sinking down into the low 40s.

Wednesday will be the final gorgeous MILD day this week, with temperature climbing into the low 70s for the afternoon. We’ll see a few coastal clouds building by the afternoon hours. Wednesday night into Thursday morning we expect dense sea fog to develop and potentially limit coastal visibilities.

On Christmas Eve we start out with fog and temperatures build into the mid 70s with gusty winds. Expect a widespread round of showers and thunderstorms to push through, mainly during the late afternoon into the evening hours ahead of a powerful cold front. Temperatures will drop quickly during the night, down into the low 30s for Christmas morning.

Christmas Day will be cold, sunny, and breezy. Expect temperatures to only top out in the upper 40s. Christmas night we expect freezing temperatures, getting down to around 29° at the airport, a little warmer along the river and beaches, and a little colder over inland counties.

Saturday starts out below freezing with widespread frost and only warms up to 50° under sunny skies.

Sunday we wake up in the low 30s and warm up into the cool mid 60s.

Showers Christmas Eve, colder on Christmas