Free tree for Florida Arbor Day

And tips to plant while the weather stays good

Friday January 15, 2021 marks Florida Arbor Day
Friday January 15, 2021 marks Florida Arbor Day (wjxt)

Now is the perfect time to plant a tree in celebration of Florida’s Arbor Day.

Florida’s Arbor Day which falls on the third Friday every is the 15th this year.

This date is earlier than other states’ Arbor Day because Florida warms up earlier.

You can plant the tree yourself or the City of Atlantic Beach is offering to plant a free tree for qualified residents.

Free tree program
Free tree program

By planting now, trees have time to start establishing themselves before the typical dry spring months of March, April and May.

You’ll break less sweat in the garden this time of the year plus the cooler temperatures make transplanting more successful.

Remember it’s important to choose the right plant at the right place for it to thrive.

Conduct a site survey to be sure you have the right space for the growth range of your type of tree and make note of the underground lines before you dig at Sunshine811.com. They will mark your underground utilities all for free.

Analyze your site for sunshine requirements. East and west facing trees near your house will cut energy costs by blocking hot summer sun.

And finally, insure growth success by starting out with a quality tree whose roots are not wrapped around its base in the container.

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