Don’t be fooled by a warm start to Friday - Rains and Chill rule

Sunrise temperatures south of Jacksonville will be around 70°

Grab an umbrella and layer up for a chill

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – It’s a Weather Authority Alert Friday, but not like you might expect, it’s all about a huge shift in temperatures.

READ THIS on our Weather Authority Alert Day on Friday.

Once we get past about lunch, the rains will begin to become more misty and fade away, with some luck, we will see the sun set. While all this is happening, we will see morning temperatures tumble from the 60s down to the 50s, then low 50s before noon. Winds will build out of the northwest up to 20 mph.

Yep, afternoon temps in the low 50s, cloudy, misty and with gusty winds.

By Saturday morning, we could see a frosty start in parts of Georgia. Locally, in Jacksonville, we should start off in the 30s. Brrr... Skies clear out and the sunshine won’t help as afternoon highs will remain chilly, only in the 50s.

Sunday looks a tad better, waking up in the low 40s and warming up into the mid 60s.

Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday look pretty awesome! Temperatures will be mild, around 70° with sunny skies and low chances for showers.

Better next week

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