Mild & cloudy evening with isolated showers, wet weather looms ahead this week

Wet start to the week


JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Today turned out lovely, with low 80s for the afternoon. We still have chances for isolated showers, especially over inland Southeastern Georgia as we head into the evening. Expect a mild and cloudy night with a few passing showers. Temperatures will sink down to around 60°.

Tuesday is a Weather Authority Alert beginning in the afternoon- not for severe storms but instead for disruptive rain and a dramatic drop in temperatures. You can read about exactly what to expect here.

Tuesday starts out cloudy and breezy, with increasing chances for passing showers, peaking at 1 pm and holding steadily through the overnight hours. Temperatures will only top out in the mid 50s to mid 60s, the chilliest in South Georgia and the mildest in the southern counties of Northeastern Florida. Winds will be sustained out of the northeast around 15 mph with gusts of up to 25 mph.

The passing areas of rain will continue overnight Tuesday night into early Wednesday morning. During the day on Wednesday we will dry out and eventually start to clear out. Temperatures will rebound back into the mild low 70s.

Thursday sill be sunny and mild, waking up in the upper 40s and warming up into the cool upper 60s.

Friday is a tad chillier, waking up in the mid 40s and warming up into the mid 60s. Expect partly cloudy skies.

Clouds move back in for the weekend, with cooler temperatures in the low 60s and an isolated chance for showers on Saturday.