Last of the cool days fades away

Summer heat takes us into the weekend


JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – We are returning to normal with temperatures in the 70s, but as soon as the chill is gone the heat will begin to bake us by the end of the week.

Temperatures from the upper 60s to 70 are near the coast and some upper 70s over inland areas this afternoon will dip into the 50s overnight. Look for some fog to develop overnight, but conditions remain rain-free.


For the rest of the week, look for a warming trend into the upper 80s and lower 90s by Thursday.

The winds from out of the southwest by midweek will keep highs in the upper 80s to 90 into the weekend.

We will have summer conditions without the afternoon thunderstorms.

At this time, cooler air will be on hold until early next week if it even shows up. Models are backing off on sending us a cold front Monday putting the showers on hold for some time.

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