A week of changes: Richard sees flip-flop to jacket weather with showers in between

Wild week of changes


JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – A cool breeze under cloudy skies for northeast Florida, while southeast Georgia see a little more sun. A warm front will lift north tonight. A few showers will be possible overnight for Northeast Florida due to lift associated with a warm front.

Frontal zone is just south of the area Tuesday morning, with high pressure off to the northeast of the area. Scattered to numerous showers expected. Isolated to possibly scattered thunderstorms, mainly elevated through the morning hours. Isolated storms may be strong.

Today: Cloudy and cool. Afternoon highs in the 60s from I-95 to the beaches, low 70s inland. Cloudy skies with wind NE 5-15 mph. Cloudy skies overnight.

Tuesday: Cloudy start with showers possible, 60 percent. Wake up temperatures in the 50s for southeast Georgia, 60s for northeast Florida. Afternoon highs in the 70s for SE GA, 70s to low 80s for NE FL. Cloudy skies with rain chances reduced to 20 percent overnight.

Pollen: Juniper, Oak, Grasses ... 10.1

Looking ahead: A week of changes. Temperatures will warm through midweek with tumbling temperatures Friday, Saturday. Looks great great weather for the opening weekend of the Clay County Fair.

12pm 66

3pm 69

4pm 70

5pm 68

8pm 63

11pm 62

Sunrise: 7:19 am

Sunset: 7:44 pm

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