Wet start to your Tuesday; Richard says fog could be an issue after the rain ends

Much cooler by the end of the week


No changes to the forecast as we continue to track the slow moving warm front, which is currently stalled just south of I-10.  This line has produced locally heavy rainfall along SR 100 and highway 301 near Starke.  Numerous to widespread showers will lift north into SE GA during the afternoon before fading this evening.  This will be a good recipe for fog, potentially dense tonight.

Isolated showers and storms Wednesday with less coverage overall followed by a cooler, sunny Thursday.

Tuesday:  Cloudy start with showers possible, 50 percent.  Wake up temperatures in the 50s for southeast Georgia, 60s for northeast Florida.  Afternoon highs in the 70s for SE GA, 70s to low 80s for NE FL.  Cloudy skies with patchy to dense fog possible.

Wednesday:  Warmest day of the week.  Patchy to dense inland fog possible. Wake up temperatures in the 60s under cloudy to partly cloudy skies.  Showers and storms fueled by afternoon highs in the 80s.  Coverage of showers and storms not as widespread, 30 percent.  Clearing overnight.

Pollen:  Juniper, Oak, Grasses ... 2.4

Looking ahead:  Wet through Wednesday and then cooler temperatures to follow.  Great opening weather for the Clay County Fair!

Sunrise: 7:18 am

Sunset: 7:44 pm

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