Rounds of rain and sunshine for Saturday

Sunday will be cloudy with light to moderate rains lasting until Monday morning

Sunday will be rather cloudy and damp
Sunday will be rather cloudy and damp

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Friday’s evening rains dropped less than 1/4″ of rain across much of Duval County, not that much. The bigger issue was the long time period of rain, about 5 hours that impacted us. Basically, left us with a very damp impression.

This will be a very reoccurring theme throughout the weekend.

And there will be a few areas, not widespread, where 1-2″ of rain will fall with one, or more, of the rounds of rains.

So, doing the math, some folks could see 3-4″ of rain by the time the rains fade away on Tuesday.

Enough of the big picture.

Saturday morning will have some sunrise showers. These will fade and allow for some hazy sunshine and dry conditions through 2-3 pm. Highs will be around 75°.  A little cool.

Later in the day on Saturday, another round of rains, possibly storms will roll through. These will be scattered and last through about midnight.

But wait, there’s more!

Sunday we will see a steady light to moderate rain develop and last off-on throughout the entire day into the evening and overnight hours. Rainfall amounts will reach around 1″ but take hours to pile up.

Of course, there will be some areas that may see more, or less.

Highs Sunday will be generally in the 60s.

Yep, cool and damp the majority of the day.

Damp days ahead

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