Memorial Day 2021 - Spectacular and 2nd coolest ever!

Known first as Decoration Day it was renamed Memorial Day in 1971

Memorial Day 2021 - 2nd Coolest since 1971

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Jacksonville’s coolest Memorial Day took place the first year it was recognized on the last Monday of May. That May 31st saw a high of only 80° and it was a mess. Nearly 3″ of rain fell in storms that pummeled the area. Officially, 2.65″ fell at Jacksonville International Airport. This combination of wet (heavy rains) and cool is almost the only way we have cool afternoons from now until our first big-time cold front in September.

Flash forward 50 years and Memorial Day 2021 was spectacular!

Hazy sunny skies, a moderate easterly breeze kept the afternoon high only at 81°.

This caps off the 4th driest May in Jacksonville’s history, where only 0.47″ of rain fell.

** Prior to 1971, the day was called Decoration Day, started back in 1868, the fallen were honored on May 30th. When we look at Jacksonville’s temperatures to 1871, the furthest established records began, May 2021 Memorial Day was tied for 8th coolest.