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More umbrella days to go!

Sneaky soakers are expected through the weekend

There will be "pauses" between the rains
There will be "pauses" between the rains

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – There are many types of rains, there are the slow and steady rains that we see during the winter and spring months. These tend to be relatively easy to see coming, often times we can see these in the forecast 5-7 days before they reach us. Then there are the big afternoon and evening boomers. These tend to take place after a hot and humid afternoon, they are sudden, but loud. Basically, when “thunder roars, time to go indoors”. Then there are the sneaky tropical downpours. These are quiet, with little thunder to announce their arrival and because they are tropical in nature, they are soakers.

These “sneaky soakers” are the type of rains where you will need an umbrella with you whenever you are outdoors.

This evening, Friday, Saturday and Sunday we will see these “sneaky soakers”. Evening temperatures will be in the sticky 70s (humidity is high) and overnight lows every night will be around 70°. Daytime highs will not be that high, expect a high around 90° each day. Winds will be mainly southerly up to 15 mph. Total rainfall will be heaviest and nearly 3″ for those who live within 15 miles (east or west) of I-95. Beaches will see some rains, but their amounts will be around an inch. If you live west of US301 then from one backyard to the next could see more than 4″ and others? Maybe under an inch.

So... Where’s your umbrella?

Umbrella Days

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