Time to set your watches to those afternoon and evening storms

The next few afternoons we will see those I-95 mid afternoon thundershowers

Steamy start...
Steamy start...

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Generally speaking, within the first and third week of June, the atmosphere gets tropically moist. All that is needed to kick-off afternoon and evening thundershowers is a trigger. The biggest trigger comes from the afternoon sea breeze. This inland shifting wind switch helps force air upward, if the upward lift is strong enough, the atmosphere will get into a cycle of building thunderheads that in turn will create cool downbursts of rain and wind that can instigate additional thundershowers.\

This cycle can last for hours, depending on how moist the atmosphere or how hot, or cool it is can allow for these thundershowers to rumble on for hours.

The next few days the atmosphere will be drier and the sea breeze will be stronger. The impact will be for thundershowers to be more inland. This pattern will most likely leave most area beaches high and dry. The biggest chances of rains will be along I-95 and starting right around 2 p.m.

So, yes, you can set your watches to 2-4 p.m. for afternoon inland storms.

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday will see morning low temperatures in the low 70s (very steamy) and afternoon highs right around 90°. Winds will shift from southwesterly to southeasterly as the sea breeze swings through your neighborhood. Each day will have about a 40% chance of PM storms, with lower chances at area beaches.

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