Subtle shifts in summer weather can mean a big shift

Slightly drier atmosphere will reduce the number of I-95 afternoon storms

Steamy start

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Beautiful onshore winds and upper-level winds are very light and this subtle shift will allow for I-95 thundershowers to start up rather early, say after 1 pm. These thundershowers will move very little. If you live along I-95 or just east of the St. Johns River, you will have the biggest chances of seeing rain. These rains will be heavy for a few backyards. On Tuesday, a few areas near Palatka saw more than an inch.

But these areas with thundershowers will be the few. Large areas, both inland and the beaches, will see few, if any, thundershowers.

Wednesday, Thursday and Friday will see morning low temperatures in the low 70s (very steamy) and afternoon highs right around 90°. Winds will shift from southwesterly to southeasterly as the sea breeze swings through your neighborhood. Each day will have about a 40% chance of PM storms, with lower chances at area beaches.

Weekend outlook?

Much more complicated, a cold front will drift through Georgia into North Florida and this will light up the afternoon skies with storms.

If you have weekend plans, make a back-up plan for the afternoon and evening hours.

Broad area of storms each afternoon.
PM T-Showers