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Storms developing and more to come this weeked

The heat continues


Rain today takes a much later start with heat in the 90s lasting into the early evening.

Isolated storms are popping up around St. Augustine with little to no movement. The seabreeze is marching into Clay county and this area is next to see rain through 4 pm.

Moisture along a stalled frontal boundary across NEFL, should focus the majority of rain after 4 pm targeting Jacksonville and points south along the St Johns River into the 7 pm hour.

A few of the slower storms will drop heavy rain similar to many of the storms the past 3 days. Southern Georgia will miss out on most of it with drier and hot conditions.

Lows fall into the lower 70s inland and middle 70s along the coast.

Tomorrow highs in the low 90s with a 30% chance for late afternoon and early evening storms.

By the weekend moisture will advance northward from a potential tropical depression in the Gulf helping to increase rain chances in northeast FL.

The heaviest rain could reach 2-6 inches through Monday well west of our area in the Florida Panhandle and northern Georgia.

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