Timing will be everything for outdoor plans

Saturday through Monday will find hours of dry and downpours

Not so good, but there will be dry periods... including sunshine!

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Deep tropical moisture continues to hang over the area. The result has been, for days and days, of off and on downpours. Rainfall amounts have been heavy for some (greater than 3″) and most places have seen just the constant anytime threat, along with an actual downpour.

Like Friday, we will see a shift in these conditions. Subtle but important.

Winds have become more southwesterly and will be through Monday. So, instead of the constant onshore winds and tropical downpours, the pattern will be with patches of storms moving off the coast.  Unfortunately, we will be equally as wet, but storms will become more of the afternoon and evening variety. Plus, they will start earlier out west and later closer to the coast.

Yep, the entire Fourth of July weekend (Monday too)

The chance of rain each afternoon will be very high, greater than 75%. Yet, we are not looking for washout days, just periods, lasting for hours of downpours. Daytime highs, normally in the low 90s (with feel-like temperatures in the low 100s) will see afternoon highs 85-88°. Rainfall amounts will be between 1/2 and 1-1/2″ each day.

Here’s more on the Fourth of July forecast.

Another 2-4" even without Elsa, with Elsa? Stay tune!

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