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Tropical low over Georgia will bring on more rains

Umbrella days and afternoon are back

Keep your umbrella with you throughout the day
Keep your umbrella with you throughout the day

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – The tropical low that was never named by the National Hurricane Center, did slide right back to Jacksonville and gave us a stormy Monday. That low is slowly moving into Southern Georgia and weakening. Yet, the moisture remains thick. Which means umbrella days remain throughout Thursday.

Tropical low pressures often bring in nocturnal storms, these develop at night and have lots of lightning (thunder that roars).

Early Tuesday morning will likely see a round, or two, of heavy morning storms. Where? Hard to tell as the weak convergences of winds above us are hard to model. Forecast models are very good at seeing the big picture, the small stuff? Not so much.

So, keep your umbrella with you and watch out for lightning as our atmosphere will dry out a little bit each and everyday. This dry air will shift much of our storminess into the afternoon and evening hours on Wednesday and Thursday.

Your forecast: Steamy mornings, sunrise is around 6:40 a.m., with temperatures starting around 75°. Afternoon highs will be around 90°, feel-like temperatures will be around 100-104°. Whew!

Friday will likely be the driest day, and hottest too! Afternoon highs will be in the mid 90s while feel-like temperatures may be around 110°. Gulp!

Slowly drying out through Friday

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