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Umbrella days are back!

Not just afternoon and evening, but anytime rains

Does not include heavier/localized PM Storm amounts
Does not include heavier/localized PM Storm amounts

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – This past weekend we had seriously high heat index values, of 107-111. Even a few places reached 114 before super storms rolled into Duval County on Sunday evening. Heavy rainfall amounts, led to flooding as up to 3″ occurred within 90 minutes.

Yep, as often times it does, when we get super steamy heat spells/waves they are often broken up by a round of super storms, often times, super soakers.

Sunday afternoon/evening and again on Monday afternoon/evening has brought some super soakers. On Monday evening, JTB and A1A, in South Jacksonville Beach and northern areas of Ponte Vedra saw up to 3″ of rain in 2 hours. Similarly in Georgia, around the Waycross area, up to 4″ of rain fell during the evening hours. Flood warnings were in effect for both areas.

And this was just the beginning of a very wet pattern for all of us this week.

The big picture? Shows the similar pattern of rainy days we saw in June and early July are back.

The pattern has also shifted to be more of a “early and often” pattern of rains/storms.

In August, the atmosphere cools a little quicker as sundown is becoming earlier and earlier. The impact on the atmosphere is to make it somewhat more unstable, especially later in the evening an into the early morning hours. This tends to make for more later into the night and early morning downpours.

That means, you should keep your umbrella close the next 4-5 days and anticipate to follow the Weather Authority App.

Morning lows will be steamy in the mid-70s (feel-like 80°) and daytime highs will be below normal (due to all the expected cloudiness). Afternoon highs will be shy of 90°. Not too bad for early August.

Rainfall amounts (each day) will be for about 1/2″ to 1″ per day. Some backyards may see another 3-5″ before this weekend.

Weekend outlook: A little less rainy/stormy, as we get back to a more normal summertime pattern.

Umbrella Days

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