Weekend nor’easter continues to bring flood warnings along the coast

Wall to wall blue skies

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Tides will only slowly subside through Friday and this will reveal just how much beach is left in the wake of the nor’easter.

Chances are it won’t be much, area beaches were severely damaged.

We should see some natural beach recovery, but typically that doesn’t take place, in large, until summer. High tides are likely to leave most beaches without any dry sand until December.

Yet, our weather will remain very pleasant both Tuesday and Wednesday. Morning temperatures will be chilly, in the 40s, daytime highs will bounce nicely into the 70s. Even some upper 70s will be possible for inland areas of Florida.

Clouds will increase on Wednesday but any rain chances will hold off until Veterans Day.

Wait? what?

The good news? There will be only a few scattered showers Thursday as chance remain around 40%.

At times of high tides
Lots going on, as a few showers may push through on Thursday

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