Saturday: Coldest afternoon in more than 4 years

Carolinas seeing ice and snow, and that cold slides into Jacksonville

Mainly inland, bust some frost will be along the coast.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Cold wintry weather all day Friday, made it an upside down day. The high was 59° at midnight and by 9 p.m., the temperature was down to 43°.

Meanwhile, winds had picked up, gusting up to 35 mph making wind chills in the 30s. Oh, yea, a drizzle was adding to the chilly impact.

Saturday starts off as Friday left off. More clouds, cold wind chills and misty showers. By the lunch hour, the misty drizzly conditions will break up and some sunshine will begin to develop. As the sun comes out, we will see temperatures attempt to become not so cold. At this time it still seems likely we will see our afternoon high temperatures in the mid 40s. That’s all folks!

This would make Saturday afternoon the coldest afternoon temperatures in more than four years! Brrr...

Sunrise Sunday morning, with super sunny skies and under an inland freeze warning and frost advisories for everyone else, temperatures will be at or just below freezing. Coldest temperatures just inland and north of downtown will be in the upper 20s. Sunshine will dominate Sunday, make sure you have your sunglasses. This will help our afternoon highs, which should top out in the mid-50s.

Monday, back to work and school, widespread sunrise frost will take place, especially in the inland areas. Again, sunrise temperatures will be right around freezing. This, along with no or little winds will allow for widespread (and heavy) frost. Make sure you cover tender plants and cover citrus trees.

Highs will bounce back even more with Monday highs in the 60s.

Guess what?

Moderate range forecast models are getting better and better every year, and guess what they are suggesting for next weekend???

Another southern winter storm (which means the cold and damp conditions will be back for Jacksonville) that will also bring more snow from South Carolina to New England.

Stay tuned!

EURO Forecast showing a stretch of heavy snow just inland from Georgia to New England
New England Blizzard ???
Even after the sun comes back, winter remain in charge.

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