Grab your umbrella

Nothing too heavy locally

Grab your umbrella, chilly damp "5"

Wintry week ahead as clouds will be widespread, chilly temperatures too!

Chilly, damp conditions as light rains move into Jacksonville. Starting before the lunch hour, the heaviest will be mainly from Gainesville to Palatka to St. Augustine. Amounts will be fairly light in the Jacksonville area, generally under 1/3″ (enough to get roads slick) to nearly 3/4″ south of Jacksonville. Sunrise temperatures will start near 40° and barely budge as supper cloudy skies will not allow some sun to warm things up. Tuesday’s temperatures will top out in the low 50s. The temperatures may actually chill back into the 40s after the rains begin.

Wednesday and Thursday will become breezy, chilly and still with a few coastal showers. Highs will be near 60°.

Friday, Saturday and Sunday will depend on how a another winter storm develops. At this time, Friday will be rainy, Saturday windy and cold, with freezing temperatures Sunday morning. The best part will be sunny skies this weekend.

Wintry week ahead, chilly, cloudy and damp at times