Wednesday, Thursday and Friday weather

Including cloudy skies, a few chilly showers, building cold winds and super cold blasts this weekend

Too many clouds, just a little bit of sunshine and chilly temperatures

Wintry week ahead as clouds will be widespread, chilly temperatures too!

Chilly, damp conditions as light rains moved into Jacksonville on Tuesday, although not looking for much, the misty sprinkles and rains showed up Tuesday evening and overnight. This is why some roads will be damp for the morning commute.

Today, Thursday and Friday will become breezy, chilly and still with a few coastal showers. Highs will be near 60°.

It is Saturday morning we will get a wake-up call to how winter can really impact Florida.

Ultimately just how cold we will get will depend on how yet another winter storm develops. This will be a powerful blizzard for coastal areas of New England this weekend. At this time, the models indicate Saturday will be windy and cold, with some mid-20s freezing temperatures Sunday morning. Yep, the 5P’s this weekend.

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Going down!

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