Warm, cloudy with scattered showers, much warmer this weekend

Summer heat this weekend


Cloudy skies and showers continue to build this afternoon/evening. A few smaller, isolated showers are taking shape along the I-95 corridor and pushing west. These will progress inland through the rest of the day, evening.

Friday Evening: Slight chance of showers overnight with patchy fog. Lows mild in the 60s.

Saturday: Warmer under partly cloudy skies with afternoon showers, storms for some, 20-30 percent. Wake up temperatures in the 60s to low 70s. Afternoon highs in the mid to upper 80s. Wind SE 5-10 mph.

Looking ahead: Warmer but not as windy this weekend. The active sea breeze will bring a few afternoon showers and storms to our afternoon Saturday and Sunday. Lunar eclipse late Sunday night through early Monday morning.

Rip Currents risk remains moderate.

Pollen: 2.7: Low: Oak, Grasses, Hickory

5pm 76

8pm 74

10pm 71

11pm 70

Sunrise: 6:36 am

Sunset: 8:12 pm

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