Isolated showers this evening, more intense heat ahead

Monday evening forecast

It has been a downright hot start to the week, and more warmth is ahead this evening. A few isolated showers will also be possible, with temps only falling into the 80s.

Expect a dry and muggy overnight, with just a few clouds. Daybreak temps will be in the upper 70s.

More hot weather is ahead for Tuesday. Once again, temps will climb quickly with feel like temps well above 105°. Scattered PM showers and storms will also be possible, some of which could be strong. Highs for Tuesday will be in the upper 90s.

The heat marches on for Wednesday and Thursday, with again partly cloudy skies developing. A few scattered storms will be possible both days, with highs in the mid to upper 90s.

It will stay hot to close out the week, with just a few scattered storms expected. Highs for Friday will again be in the upper 90s.

Slightly higher rain and storm chances are expected for the weekend, but some will likely stay dry. It will remain warm, with highs Saturday and Sunday in the mid 90s.