Animals rescued from Oklahoma twister in Florida

Florida Humane Society lends helps overcrowded animal shelters

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BOCA RATON, Fla. - Animals left homeless after a tornado devastated Moore, Okla., are getting a second chance from a Florida Humane Society.

Tri-county Florida Humane Society recently sent help to Oklahoma animal shelters that were overwhelmed with animals from the storm and were starting to run out of room for them.

A group drove to Oklahoma on Saturday and went to five different kill-shelters surrounding the devastation. They returned Thursday night with 64 dogs, many of them puppies, and 16 cats.

"Let's go get whoever is in these shelters about to be put down, to make room for the new guys from the storm," said Matt Gaquer, Humane Society staff member. "You can't say no to that."

They were happy to help this with situation and only wish they could have taken more animals back with them. They even wanted to stay longer and help all parties affected by the storm.

"In the back of my head I knew what we were there to do, but I felt bad for people I wanted to get out and help them," Gaquer said.

The Humane Society is now looking for homes for each of the animals.

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