Post Tropical Storm Chris weakens south of Halifax

Chris becomes extra-tropical

By Rebecca Barry - Meteorologist, John Gaughan - Chief meteorologist

Hurricane Chris is no longer tropical becoming a north Atlantic gale Thursday.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - Tropical Storm Chris has lost all of its tropical characteristics and loses the title tropical storm as cold water and strong upper level winds take race the storm south of the Canadian Maritimes at 36 mph.   

The National Hurricane Center issued its last public advisory on Chris which is still packing 70 mph wind. 

Chris intensified into the second hurricane of the 2018 hurricane season on Tuesday afternoon, and continued to strengthen into a Category 2 hurricane  into Wednesday.

Since then, it has been weakening steadily and soon will become extra-tropical (non-tropical storm,)

11 p.m. Wednesday, the National Hurricane Center in Miami said Chris was centered about 700 miles southwest of Cape Race, Newfoundland, Canada, maximum sustained winds of 85 mph. It was headed northeast at 29 mph, on track to pass near Newfoundland on Thursday.

Surf and rip-currents from Hurricane Chris swells continue to decrease along the U.S. East Coast.

We are well ahead of the typical schedule for the second hurricane of the season, beating our climatological average by about six weeks.

Chris now the strongest hurricane of the season and could easily become the season's first major hurricane...

Less than 48 hours after the development of the 2018 Atlantic Tropical Season's second named storm, Beryl, Tropical Depression Three was upgraded to Tropical Storm Chris early Sunday morning.

Meanwhile, the remnants of former hurricane Beryl has a window of opportunity to redevelop as it makes a turn to the north then northeast over the next two days. The good news is this storm will have a difficult time reorganizing after Friday as cooler-dryer air entrains into whatever is Beryl.

All indications suggest the track will remain even further off the United States Coastline than that of Hurricane Chris.