Christmas Weather Outlook, New Year's too!

Record warmth, then Christmas Chill

By John Gaughan - Chief meteorologist
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15 Day Temperature Forecast, hold on everyone!

Jacksonville, Fla - Copyright 2013 - UPDATE:  Looking to the New Year!  Just slight changes from the last forecast!  That includes a major warm-up this weekend, followed by a chilly Christmas. Strangely, for Cornhusker fans, there could be warm temperatures for the Gator Bowl on New Year's Day!

Big problems await mid-west traveler's this weekend.  While it may be warm here, heavy snow/blizzard like conditions will extend from Oklahoma to St. Louis to Chicago to Detroit. 

Here we go!  The countdown to Christmas is down to 12, it now appears that another major arctic blast will head into the United States starting late next week.  Travel issues could be serious for those heading to or from the mid-west.  A blizzard is possible for Chicago to Detroit to New England.

On the backside of the blizzard, sub-zero temperatures are likely into Indiana south and west into Oklahoma. Freezing temperatures all the way south to the Florida panhandle by Christmas morning.

We will be updating this frequently as it could be a "big deal".

Oh, and for Jacksonville?  Near record warmth seems likely 8 days from now, similar to what we saw prior to the last arctic outbreak.  Yep, a real temperature roller coaster in time for Christmas.

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