First Day of Spring to Bring...Winter Chill?

2014 winter not giving up yet

By Blake Mathews - Meteorologist
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JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - Spring dawns at 12:57 p.m. EST. Yet the warming rays of the Spring Sun will soon give way to the nipping frost of an incredible Winter that just won't give up.

The Vernal Spring Equinox marks the beginning of Spring in the northern hemisphere. This is the point at which the Sun is directly overhead at the Equator. Subsequently, it also marks the first day of Autumn in the southern hemisphere.

The reason for the seasons is due to the Earth's tilt on its axis at 23.5°. From this point forward to the Autumn Equinox, the Earth's axis will be pointed towards the Sun in the northern hemisphere and away from the Sun in the southern hemisphere.

It is said that this is one of only two days throughout the year that the days and nights are exactly equal: 12 hours long. While it is true there are two days of the year where this is accurate, it does not happen on the equinox.

The Sun, being directly over the equator will continue its northward journey all the way to the point at which it'll reach 23.5 degrees north: the Tropic of Cancer. With that will mark the first day of Summer. 

With the dawning of Spring time, you'd think that we'd be in store for warmer and warmer weather. But in good ol' 2014 fashion, Winter isn't about to relinquish the grip its had for the last few months.

A very strong cold front is being forecast by nearly all model guidance for next Wednesday. This front has the possibility of bringing frost and freeze conditions to our area by next Thursday morning.

The details of just how cold it could get here are still being worked out. However, it doesn't look like Jacksonville will experience a freeze but many rural areas in southeast Georgia might. High temperatures will struggle to get out of the mid 50s next Thursday and Friday with wake up temperatures well into the 30s for many of us. 

Stay tuned for the latest on this developing cold snap that may affect our region late next week!

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