Frost Advisory tonight. Big warm up by weekend!

By Blake Mathews - Meteorologist
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You know, it's cold outside. Even if it's not teeth chattering cold, March is the month for Spring Break and to be honest, I'm ready for some beach time and some color. Unfortunately, the wait for Spring-like temperatures continues as yet another shot of cold air has settled into the region.

The National Weather Service has issued a Frost Advisory for the entire viewing area with the exceptions of St. Johns and Flagler counties. As for Duval county, only the western and rural areas, inland of the beaches, will have the potential to see some light frost by morning.

Temperatures are expected to drop to near freezing in some locations tonight, including areas around JIA, Cecil and rural areas of Georgia. Elsewhere, temperatures will drop into the mid 30s.

Cold air is dense meaning that the temperatures at your toes could be freezing while the temperature at your head may be above freezing. This is why frost can form on nights when the mercury only reads 35 or 36 degrees. 

Lots of plants have been planted in anticipation of Spring but those plants may be in jeopardy if they aren't protected from potential frost tonight. Any seeds that have been placed in dirt will be okay as the dirt will act as an insulator to protect the seeds from the cold and frost.

All not to worry though. Spring will dawn by this weekend with temperatures approaching 80 degrees by Monday. March has been a very cold month across Jacksonville and the rest of the country. Locally, we are running 8 degrees below normal. So if you thought that it has been colder than normal, you'd be right! 

On a scale of 1 to 5,048 (number of miles between Jacksonville and Vatican City, Italy, I'd give this week a 4,000 even. With warm weather in the offering, Spring may be more than just a hope and a prayer away.

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