Full moons on the First Coast

Legends & lore about full moons & where to snag a great spot to watch it rise on the First Coast

By Rebecca Barry - Meteorologist
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Full Moon -- Full moons have long been linked to crazy behavior due to the folklore that madness can occur in cycles with the moon. From it sprang the terms lunatic and lunacy.

JACKSONVILLE, FL. - Does the full moon make you cranky? Myths and legends are in no short supply surrounding the full moon.  

The oldest native lore is from the Native Americans- even though nearly every culture associates some meaning, actions, or stories with when the moon is at its fullest.  Native Americans used each full moon as part of a way to tell time and season.  Full moons each months have different meanings, and even names. 

Most recently, the moon was full for the first time in 2013 on January 26th.  This moon can be called the Full Wolf Moon.  Across some areas of the country, wolf packs may have prowled hungrily outside Native American villages during this time.  Other names for the January full moon are Full Snow Moon, Old Moon, and the Moon after Yule.

More often, February's full moon is known as the Full Snow Moon- due to this month being typically the most brutal in terms of winter weather.  That factor also contributes to another name for February's full moon- the Full Hunger Moon. For Jacksonville this year, the Full Snow Moon/Full Hunger Moon will occur February 25th at 3:26pm.  

Full Moon viewing in Jacksonville is relatively easy, even with the city's light pollution.  Optimal locations include the beach, along the shores of the St John's River, and any open, rural area.  The St Augustine lighthouse has a full moon celebration each month, with an evening event at the Lighthouse.  Reservations are recommended,they have limited space.

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